“We’re a community, we have to take care of each other.”

“That’s what my Dad would always say about our small little community in Berlin, NY, where I grew up. He was a soldier in the US Army and a volunteer firefighter. I still remember where my dad’s boots sat each night, right next to the bed. Whenever the fire alarm went off, he jumped in the boots, threw on the uniform, and headed to the fire station across the street.

My dad wouldn’t call himself a hero, he would have hated that word. He just knew one thing, one value that I still try to live my life around: we have to take care of each other.” – Joseph Carr, Founder

In honor of Josh service, Josh Cellars raised over $300,000 to help first responders, the troops and their families. Click here to view a video of the impact Josh Cellars is making with volunteer firefighters organizations. In 2016, Josh Cellars will partner with the National Volunteer Fire Council, donating $1 per bottle to support volunteer firefighters organization across the country (up to $100,000).